About WordPress

WordPress is an award-winning Content Management System, it is extremely powerful but remains simple to use. It is the ideal platform for a Web Developer, like me, to build a site that allows the customer to manage content.

If you have ever managed a site, you’ll know that without a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, you have to have knowledge of how to code or you have to pay somebody to make those little changes or correct a typo.

With WordPress, you don’t need any knowledge! Have you ever used Microsoft Word? Managing your website is as simple as editing a document.

Some WordPress Facts

So WordPress is a huge, powerful Content Management System that can be adapted and changed to meet the requirements of a massive number of Web Projects. But did you know:

  • There are around 80 Million website that use WordPress.
  • Around 15% of the top 1 Million websites (in terms of traffic) are powered by WordPress.

WordPress is here to stay, it is the Google within the CMS industry.

My WordPress Services

So now you know what WordPress is, I can tell you how I use it. I use WordPress in the following scenarios:

  • Building a new Website
  • Upgrading an existing Website
  • Creating a blog

If you hire me, I will look to use WordPress wherever possible. It can be used for a huge number of projects! But don’t worry, if WordPress isn’t right for you, I can custom code a more suitable CMS for your needs!

I also offer a number of “bespoke” WordPress Services such as:

  • Custom WordPress Theme Development
  • Website Migration
  • Custom WordPress Plugin Development

If you need somebody to work on your existing WordPress site, give me a call to discuss your requirements!

All of my WordPress development follows best practices and follows the WordPress codex standards, you’ll never have to worry about my code causing a conflict with another plugin / theme. By following these standards I can guarantee that your site will always be secure, and will always be cutting edge.

WordPress Bug Fixing

Unfortunately, not all developers take care in there work. You may have worked with another developer, or you may have downloaded a plugin that hasn’t worked the way you liked. Feel free to get in touch and I can provide an hourly rate service to fix any WordPress issue.