Online Marketing

What Is Online Marketing?

So you have your website, you have optimised for Search Engines and you are building a presence on the internet, how do you keep growing your site and following.

That is where Online Marketing comes in. Online Marketing is a technique that keeps bringing people back to your site and advertises your online brand.

Online Marketing is very similar to Advertising in your local paper, it involves the following:

  • Pay for adverts ie Google Adwords
  • Email Campaigns
  • Be active on Social Media

You need to remember that it is always easier to keep a customer than find a new one. If you can keep customers coming back to your site, then you will always have a following.

By sending out an email, or a tweet or any other communication, you are bringing your business to the front of people’s minds. If they are sitting on Twitter and all of sudden see a tweet from you, they’ll be inclined to visit your site. Think of how many customers you could be missing out on if you don’t use social media or you don’t collect email addresses.

It is an absolute must to make your website a success!

If you would like to discuss Online Marketing and how it can affect your business, please contact me.