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Project Brief

Paul from FireStats contacted me with a really interesting project, it was to essentially integrate a Membership portal on his site. This wasn’t the only requirement, he also needed the following:

  • Membership Portal – This would allow Paul to sell webinar Videos and content with visitors who have attended a previous webinar or who have purchased access to the content.
  • Webinar Registration Page – This would allow Paul to setup a description of the webinar, a price of it and would allow him to spread the word about his webinars.
  • Payment Gateway – When a webinar Registration takes place, Paul wanted to be able to take a payment via Stripe.
  • Membership on Webinar Registration – Once a user has registered for a webinar Paul wanted to give them access to his Membership Portal.

The Process

Straight away I was looking at interacting with 3 services:

  • Stripe
  • GoToWebinar
  • MemberMouse

Stripe was the payment gateway of choice, GoToWebinar is the service that FireStats use to host there webinars and finally, MemberMouse is the membership portal that Paul chose. I needed to find a way to interact all three.

I’m very please to say that the process went exactly as planned and the service has generated a great profit for FireStats while giving his clients a chance to watch past webinars, sign up for new webinars and learn from his experience.

MemberMouse is a membership plugin for WordPress that comes with a great API that allows actions in other areas of the site to manipulate a membership. This is exactly the functionality that we needed to complete this project.

If you’d like to view his website, it can be found at

The Result

I’m very pleased to say that Paul has hosted quite a few webinars now and had a great turn out for each one. I am extremely proud of this project and have built a great working relationship with FireStats and we work on projects regularly and I hope to continue this in the future.

I think you’ll agree when I say that Paul’s site looks great, here you can see a gallery of the site and the work that I carried out for him: