Introduction to WordPress

I love using WordPress, I have been using it for the past few years and it has managed to do everything I have ever needed.

Couple its flexibility with the amount of themes and plugins that are available mean that this really is the “complete” solution for a huge number of web projects.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System, CMS for short. Essentially, it provides experienced, and inexperienced users with a nice interface to manage a website. Originally WordPress was a blogging platform but it has since evolved into a Website solution and runs around 20% of ALL websites.

WordPress runs my website, no matter whether you are setting up a blog or a complex E-Commerce site, WordPress can handle it.

One of the reasons that WordPress is so popular is because it is an Open Source project. This means that it is free to use and developers (like me) can manipulate and change it to fit the needs of any project.

For more information on WordPress, please click here.

WordPress Community

You will find a never ended source of support, advice and code from the WordPress community. No matter what you problem, you will be able to find a plugin or a solution for it.

Google is your best friend, if you have a problem simply search for it but if you can’t find the answer, feel free to email me at and I’ll do my best to help.

The WordPress support forums can be found here.

What is a “Theme”?

A WordPress theme is a package provided by a developer that makes your site look beautiful. A theme simply modifies the way in which a website is displayed. You don’t have to have any complicated knowledge in order to install a theme and make your website look great.

I will be providing you with step by step instructions to install a theme later in this course.

What is a “Plugin”?

A plugin is something that you can install to extend the functionality of your website. For example, you can install a Plugin called “Contact Form 7”. This will enable you to place a contact form on any page.

Some other plugin examples are:

  • Social Media Share Buttons
  • Newsletter Signup Forms
  • Search Engine Optimisation

By installing a plugin, it enables you to simply add functionality without having any coding experience. I’ll explain how to install a plugin later in this course.

How Can I Use WordPress For My Website?

Once WordPress is installed, you can start writing content and setting up your website. WordPress can be used for anything, whether you are setting up a blog or a fully functional E-Commerce system, WordPress can handle it.

By following this course, you will have a website to meet your needs, no matter what they are, by spending no more than $100!


After you have read this article:

  • I know what WordPress is
  • I know what a WordPress Theme is
  • I know what a WordPress Plugin is
  • I know where to find support for WordPress issues
  • I am ready to start building a website